Tempo Foods

Better by nature...

Welcome to Tempo Foods

Tempo Foods is a boutique dairy company that strives to promote healthy living by making, selling and distributing quality, natural and unique dairy products made using only traditional methods by dedicated cheesemakers.

All our products are made from hormone-free milk and our yoghurts are ‘pot set’ and contain no artificial sweeteners, thickeners, gelatines, colours, flavours or preservatives.

Our Story

It all began nearly thirty years ago when Mr. Esri Lederberger formed Tempo Foods with a vision to provide Australian dairy lovers unique dairy products created from the wonderful raw milk produced by Australian dairy herds.

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Experience the Alluring Flavours

  • Allure Real Yoghurt Apricot
  • Allure Real Yoghurt Blueberry
  • Allure Real Yoghurt Coffee
  • Allure Real Yoghurt Forest Fruit
  • Allure Real Yoghurt Low Fat Natural
  • Allure Real Yoghurt Mango and Passion Fruit
  • Allure Real Yoghurt Low Fat Strawberry
  • Allure Real Yoghurt Low Fat Vanilla